• relic night
  • CASK: relic clockwork w/ nelson & grapefruit
  • relic rococo
  • relic darkness falls
  • relic lorette
  • relic hypatia
  • relic riddle
  • docs pear cider
  • two roads no limits hefe
  • stone ruinten
  • peak organic fresh cut pils
  • founders imperial stout
  • new Holland the poet oatmeal stout
  • otter creek fresh slice ipa
  • piraat triple hop
  • stone go to ipa
  • new England sea hag ipa
  • weyerbacher canes venatici
  • brooklyn brown ale
  • bbc coffee porter (nitro)
  • 7/24/14

Above is a sampling of the varieties that you will find on any given night at MiKro. Our selection is constantly changing so if you want more timely information about what we currently have on tap, check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Beer Styles


German ale associated with the city of Dusseldorf. “Alt” is the German word for old. The Alt style uses a top-fermenting ale yeast, but then is cold-aged. Some wheat may be used in variations. Lacks hop aroma, low hop flavor but has medium to high bitterness, especially in the finish. Restrained fruitiness, dry, clean, bittersweet flavor. Rounded maltiness that is nonetheless no